What It’s Like To Be A Mood Reader

If you are following me on Instagram, then you probably know that I am such a mood reader and it’s hard for me to stick with any tbr list. Earlier this month, I made that August tbr list and I am proud to say that I am on my third book. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this far with my tbr list. However, it is really diffcult for me to say what dictates my mood – sometimes it’s just about how I feel, or I noticed that I like to associate my reading with the current season. And this topic has been for far too long in my mind and I decided to finally talk about it.

As a huge mood reader, I struggle to pick up a book I want to read. There are times when I change 654236 books just to find the one that will match with my mood. I get so mad when I can’t decide what to read because I don’t want it to happen. Why can’t I just stick with my tbr list?! Ugggh.. When I was younger I thought that there is some problem with me because sometimes I spend days, even weeks just to find the right book. Later, I discovered that it is called being a mood reader. Yay…If the book I’m currently reading doesn’t match my mood, the chances of ending up in a reading slump are huge.

Any sort of schedule is just a huge mess! I can’t follow my book reviewing schedule because what I want to read today, might not be the thing what I want to read tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. That’s why I tend to post at least one review in one week. So yeah, I suck at planning and sticking with my plans.

Deadlines are my worst enemies. Even when I was a student, deadlines were so depressing for me and I was afraid of them. I just feel so much pressure and my work cannot be done properly.

The most important think is that even though there is just too much pressure, I like being a mood reader. With every new season, I get so excited about the books I want to read and honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I read what I want and life is too short to be dictated by people or any tbr list.



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